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The DoubleTree Cookie Craze

If you’ve never been to a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, then you are missing out on one of life’s greatest treasures. I speak for everyone who has ever had the privilege of tasting a piece of Heaven, known as the DoubleTree cookie. The sweet sensation is such a delight that is has it’s own Facebook page! What makes this cookie so delicious? Could it be the perfect balance of walnut to chocolate chip ratio? Or maybe it’s the soft and gooey interior. Or simply, could it be the feeling of checking into a hotel with a homemade feel and being handed a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie? Whatever it is, the DoubleTree cookie has everyone in a craze and as a result of the high demand surrounding the cookie, DoubleTree has made it easy and accessible to enjoy a cookie wherever you are. “The Cookie” website allows you to purchase and even try new recipes with the DoubleTree cookie.

Not every DoubleTree cookie is treated the same. While the cookie does adhere to nationwide standards, there are other factors that contribute to maximizing your personal cookie eating experience. For example, location. You have to really be able to enjoy and savor the few moments of blissful delight before it’s all gone. Not to worry, Ascent’s got you covered. DT_lobby The DoubleTree in Montgomery, Alabama has plenty of options that will enhance your cookie experience, whether it includes dining in their trendy One2Zero restaurant, or eating out at one of Downtown Montgomery’s seafood eateries that are within arm’s reach of the Downtown Montgomery DoubleTree location. Think about the convenience you’ll have of being able to enjoy a wonderful meal, and only having a short distance between the restaurant and you being reunited with the one thing you’ve been waiting for all day. After a long day of enjoying one of many of Montgomery’s historic attractions, such as visiting the Rosa Parks Museum, unwind at the hotel bar with your DoubleTree cookie as a snack on the side.

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